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Hi all 

I'm a long time addict of porn addiction, my acting out has included chat sites porn sites etc, last week my wife discovered I had been online again viewing porn, she told me if it happened again we was finished, of course I'm devastated losing the women I love but I'm faced with the reality I need to recover. I've been an addict from the age of 11 I'm now 45, in the past I got into trouble with the police for my addiction, thankfully I didn't go to prison but I do have a record, I've recently rejoined Sexaholics Anonymous I was a member of them 6 years ago but drifted away thinking I was now in control, I'm hoping to start attending their meetings next week and start my 12 steps again, apart from the actions I've taken I was wondering if their was anymore advice you could suggest that would help in my recovery. 

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Hi Jermaine,

I'm sorry to hear about your return to pornography. The thing that's really screaming here is that you're not in some kind of therapy. For the most part, addiction is a reaction to something else. It's a bandage you put on a wound. Until you treat the wound, the bandage isn't going to heal anything. Odds are if you started at 11, you have some idea why, but a professional could probably guide you through more of your story, helping you to remember, and understand things better than you do now. I think 12-step meetings are good, but you don't get to talk a lot. It's mostly listening. Find someone who can help you as a professional to get through this. I'd also urge you to do a little research. Do some reading. Check out other online forums. There's a lot out there that may help. No two people have the same recovery path, so the more you open yourself up to recovery options, the more likely you are to succeed.



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