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Husband a sex addict but with men

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Hi all,

Has anyone heard of the Mankind Project?  My spouse's therapist suggested that my spouse go to a retreat.  I researched it on line and it sounds weird.  There is some nudity involved but the men can choose not to take part.  I cannot believe the therapist would EVEN suggest this to my husband, as he KNOWS my husband has acted out 4 TIMES with MEN during our marriage (yes we are still together and trying to work on rebuilding--if I can EVER forgive him).  And he also has a history of being interested in men due to the sickness of porn/sex addiction and childhood trauma.  My problem is that I found out the gross details about 14 months ago, we went through disclosure, I went to betrayal trauma therapy and thought I was doing good.  I told my husband I was very upset with his therapist to suggest that group (among others) and I started to have flashbacks.  He was not supportive at all and we got into a big fight.  After the fact, he realized that his sarcasm, defensiveness and mocking did not help my triggering!  He's not going obviously, but does anyone have any feedback?  Thanks.



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