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It has been bought to my attention the lady images that my husband is liking on instagram, I have found out he has 2 email address 2 instagram addresses and 2 Twitter accounts and his is following about 500 women, I am trying so so hard as to whether  this is normal behaviour as I feel he has taken the time to sort these out and liking the images for all to see!  Is this typically normal am I being over reactive as I was told these is what men like to do, he has been doing for 10 years that I know of! 

I am so confused!

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Perhaps you could share with him why this is hurting you and ask him if he will stop because it is causing you hurt. I wonder how he would feel if you were doing the same but with men?  The question to ask is why is he doing this when it is causing harm to his relationship and to you. Is this something he would be willing to stop if he knows it is hurting you.


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