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Sex addicts anonymous?

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Hi guys,

Recently started SAA and it is going OK. Very tough. Wondering if there are other options? Anyone had any experiences?



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Tough how? I found with SAA, much like AA, you've got to really gel with the group to get something out of it. Unfortunately, where I live now, there are only 5 meetings within 50 miles of me in a week. I frequented one for a while, but it just wasn't like the ones I was introduced when I went to rehab. There are other 12 step groups like Sexaholics Anonymous and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. For some reason, it just feels like to me in my area, most of the 12 step meetings are about whining that the wife or girlfriend isn't doing what she should, so the guy does things he shouldn't. It didn't help.

The things that ended up doing it for me were finding an actual support group for people who had porn addiction that was run by a therapist. I have to pay a few bucks every time I go, but it's well worth it. I also found writing helped me a lot so I started a blog. Visiting places like this forum and talking to people, offering hope and letting them know I've been there and they can beat their addictions helps me a lot too. For me, it's about communication. 

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