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University Dissertation on Sex Addiction...


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Hello everyone,

I am currently doing my university dissertation for my final year, on sex addiction and online pornography. I'm looking to understand if there is a connection due to the growing industry and commercialization of online porn, and to understand if there is a problem, how are we as a community coming together to solve the issues. 

Part of my research and better understanding of sexual addiction and those who truly are faced with difficulties daily around this, I need to interview some individuals to ask a few questions and just put emotions to the addiction. I am hoping I may be able to find some people here who I may be able to interview? 

Things you must know: 

  • All of my research is anonymous; your name will not be in ANY part of the dissertation. 
  • I am happy to email you the questions if you are not comfortable to Skype/Facetime. I am based in London, UK so those who may be able to meet in somewhere public like a coffee shop, that would be really amazing. 
  • If you do not feel comfortable answering any of the questions, please let me know ahead of time. 

Please let me know if I'm not allowed to post this in the forum, I understand there may be guidelines I'm not aware of as I just signed up. 

I am not looking to speak negatively of sexual addiction one bit, but to genuinely shed a light on the daily difficulties and actualities that people with this addiction face. I feel strongly that it is an issue that is not talked about enough, and I'm hoping my research and firsthand interviews will help me convey my better understanding to others. 

Please reply here if you're at all interested, and we can get in touch! 

Thanks so much,

Bailey H.

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