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Interesting take on sex addiction

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Hi all 

I just read this and wondered of anyone especially Paula and her team have any comments to make on this.  It seems that sex addiction treatment may not be all that is required and further research is required.   This site is American and seems to be for ladies who have left the addict so nothing much on recovery success, but perhaps that the reality???



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Hi Hana,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention - it's so important that we look at all the different angles of any problem. 

The problem for me with this article is that it's over simplistic and shows the author doesn't really understand neuroscience - and I have to confess, I'm not an expert myself either.  But there have been quite a lot of twin studies in addiction and the advantage of those studies is that it does show that how much brain change is caused and much was there in the first place.  The conclusive evidence is that the environment, ie how the brain is used and what it's exposed to, is what causes most of the changes. 

Our brains are incredibly complex.  It's true that some  people have a greater disposition towards addiction, and some of that is how they're brains were wired up in the first place.  But the same could be said for those who are great muscians or have a gift for languages.  But ultimately, it's how you use those natural gifts, or flaws, that will lead your behaviours in one direction or another.  I'm sure there are many people in the world who have a gift for music, but didn't have the opportunity to express it and develop it.  The same is true for people with addiction.

Another point that is not highlighted is that we can re-train our brains and ultimately, we can choose our behaviours.  So even if someone does have a certain inherent predisposition, it doesn't mean they have to follow that path. 

I hope that helps a little.

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How may I contact you? I have an unusual situation and wondered if I'm might ask your thoughts?

Your book for partners is excellent - it has been my bible.

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