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Online Resources for Addicts Wanting Help


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Here is a list of various links and websites I've collected over the past year or so as I've been tackling my problem with porn.

I hope they're useful for other guys who come here maybe not knowing very much about porn and sex addiction so you can understand:

  • You're not the only person with this problem at all
  • There is help out there and it's never too late to change

Website Resources

Am I an addict? - A quick test if you're not sure.

What is Porn Addiction? - A breakdown if you're just getting started learning about this problem.

Emergency NoFap - A useful quick inspirational site when you're feeling triggered or tempted to remind you why you're becoming a better man. Homepage for me.

Your Brain On Porn - Huge website containing many resources to educate yourself about the effect of porn on the brain and to get help.

Reboot Nation - Gabe Deem's website containing another great set of resources and a forum.

Recovery Nation - Free self-help website for sex addicts, love addicts and porn addicts.

Fight the New Drug - Buy a t-shirt. Great set of educational material and an eye-opener.

Porn Addiction is the Best Thing That Happened To Me - Great end-to-end set of resources from a guy who's done it.

My Thoughts On Rebooting - Very long and detailed set of notes and crucial advice from another guy who's been there and mastered himself. Great stuff. If you've got an hour to look at porn, you've got an hour to read all this.

50 Reasons to Quit Porn For Good - So many benefits to be gained from shifting this addiction out of your life.

The Recovery Workshop - Self-directed recovery workshop resource.


YouTube Videos

The Great Porn Experiment - Arguably the most revolutionary and revealing TEDx talk about the real nature of pornography and it's impact from Gary Wilson. A must watch if you see nothing else!

Terry Crews Dirty Little Secret: Part 1 - Hugely inspirational and brutal self-honesty from Mr Crews, much love and respect to him. A great man who's been making real change. Follow the YouTube links to part 2 onwards.

Why I Stopped Watching Porn - Another brilliant TEDx talk to help you see how things really are. Huge respect to Mr Gavrieli to deliver such a worldclass talk on such a personal topic to so many people.

We Need to Talk About Sex Addiction - Paula's fantastic TEDx talk, honestly and compassionately understanding sex addiction. 


Other Online Forums

Your Brain Rebalanced - Huge community of other guys struggling to get their lives back after porn and sexual addiction problems.

Reboot Nation Forum - Many people here to connect with, mostly addicts but also a small and growing partner's section.

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