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I need help but dont know where


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I have been addicted to sexting and sending pics to various women and have recently been caught by my wife.

I have known it wasn't the thing I should be doing but still carried on.  obviously she is devastated and very angry with me

I am looking to find help with stopping my sexting (which I have at moment) and trying to mend out relationship

sorry this seems disjointed but just writing as things come to mind.



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Well done for making the first step in trying to stop what seems like a compulsive pattern of behaviour, and for trying to salvage your marriage. Have you managed to stay stopped since posting? It can be very hard and most people need to seek help. There are many ways to get help. I would suggest you read Paula Halls book "Understanding & Treatiing Sex Addiction" for addicts and suggest your wife reads the one for partners too. Then try to get yourself onto a group program, such as Paula Halls intensive recovery courses or a 12 Step group such as SAA or SLAA. It is also worth having some one to one Counselling to better understand how you became addicted and support in your recovery. There are a number of specialist counsellors who work in this field. Find the one locally to you through the ATSAC website. 

Good luck , Geraldine. 

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Hi Bilbo

change some passwords to something personal, ie wife's name. find ways of having a distraction before the need arises and practice it before, planning is key. persoanlising what will work for you too. Think ahead , what time is bad and do somehting else around that time, ie bored at 4 o'clock.plan somethign different and get out of the trigger zone


best wishes


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Is there an option to change your mobile number, Bilbo? And would it be possible to downgrade your handset from swanky smartphone to camera-less feature phone? They're not things that will provide a long-term fix, but they're the kind of 1st-level protections you can implement while you get your brain back in shape. If you need a Smartphone, I think K9 and others now do a mobile version of their porn filter. Must be worth a try!

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