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Husbsnd is relapsing but won't acknowledge it


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Hi Kaykay, I am very sorry to hear that your partner has relapsed!

I can understand why you are tired after so many years of trying to help him! I would look at the blog and Paula's book again as this latest  disclosure / discovery will have brought back Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the first painful discovery of your partners addiction. It's an awful roller-coaster for you and it's sad that he does not see the effects of his relapse on you. 

The partner’s journey through sex addiction : Rebuilding your life (thelaurelcentre.co.uk)

You have been so helpful for other partners on here and hope we can be of some comfort for you today.

Look after yourself.

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Hi KayKay,

How have the last few weeks been?

It's so difficult to lift yourself up after feeling so let down.    It's even more difficult to 'hold yourself' in this time of pain and be there for your partner. 

In the past what has enabled him to see he's relapsed? Has it been you showing him or him coming to his own conclusions? 

Sending a big hug xx

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