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Hi Everyone.


I hope you all are well. I have recently found out that my husband has been struggling with sex addiction for the past 2 years and that he has been acting out within this time. I had no idea at all and it came as a real big shock! It feels like reality has shattered and everyday I relive the information I was told. It's been extremely difficult to talk about because you just know that some family and friends won't understand what you are feeling or the choices you may make. I went into "fix it" mode and started looking for therapists for my husband and I'm grateful we found one who he has started to see but our situation has become complex. 

At the moment I am trying to start a support group for partners so that we can talk, cry, share, encourage... whatever we need to heal and to find strength. I found that talking to others who understand has been so much more better because I don't feel alone anymore and I can share this journey with others. 

I'm so grateful for platforms like these because it is hard to find places to share or find people who understand.

If anyone is interested in joining or even just reaching out then please feel free to message me and we can talk.

I wish everyone the best and look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to reach out. 


KC x x x x

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Meeting up.

Clearly as a Forum member you can use the private mail function within the Forum, but meeting up is NOT recommended by the Laurel Centre.  DO NOT give out personal details.

If you do decide to make contact self-care is especially important. Set up the first meeting in a public place (which will of course be after Covid Lockdowns) and then decide what information you wish to share.

Administration would however suggest you do a Partner Workshop (or equivalent) together, and that will help with managing contacts, give additional support and allow you to keep in touch afterwards. 

The Laurel Centre offers the following workshop.


We do hope this information helps you stay safe.

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