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Online images run into billions and you may be someone that is using them to self soothe.

Afterwards you might feel ashamed, maybe even deleting image files, web history and the like. Then you promise yourself not to use images again.

The next time the images you do find just don’t have the same effect. You start searching for the perfect image. The websites tempt you with thumbnails.

History repeats itself 😐 

If it does you may find it is impacting on other areas of your life and you are becoming addicted to online pornography. This online test will help you identify the impact:-


Our brains have a great capacity to minimise events. We can convince ourselves that the acting out behaviour is not that bad! The images are ok. It’s an agency for over 18’s, but are the models?

Sexting is prevalent with an estimated 15% of teenagers doing it. Yet an estimated 60% of teens don't realize that sexting is a criminal offence, and the images are considered indecent. Unfortunately many of these images get into general circulation and are freely available.

The Police estimates there are 150k + people in the UK viewing illegal images online on a regular basis.

Some people (and that may or may not be you) slip into offending behaviour gradually over a period of time, and what  starts as over 18 models, drops in age over time. You end up justifying it; “it must be ok otherwise the image would not be there!”

If you have slipped or maybe think you have slipped into offending, there is anonymous help available at:-


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