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Acting out and the fall out

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I joined this forum a while back, read the various posts but not contributed. Today I have revisited the site as things have finally come to a head. 

I have been troubled for a long time. Far too long.  Today I took my wife that I could no longer live a lie. 
 I have been having deep, dark intrusive thoughts about my stepdaughter(28years) , an obsession, infatuation, fixation , lust, whatever you  like to  call it .

These thoughts were all of a sexual nature and became so strong that I found myself living a lie. My fantasies of having a sexual relationship with my stepdaughter became uncontrollable and to the extent that back in May I acted out.  I sent her a text message telling her I was in lust. 
This, needless to say, was like an exploding grenade and ripped our family to pieces. I have caused so much hurt, broken trust and am struggling to get to heart of my problems.
my wife has stood by me throughout this as she acknowledged that my behaviour was not me ,  out of character and must have been a mental breakdown of some form. 

i have been having counselling but  feel that I need more than that to help me.

i am trying to find a mental health professional that deals with compulsive sexual behaviour.






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Hi Boggy, Welcome to the Forum.

Thank you for sharing your journey so far and so sorry to hear your pain.

You have made good steps by acknowledging your thoughts and talking / sharing.

I am glad you are wanting to get help. You might find the following test will help you get some perspective and quantify the impact.


The Laurel Centre have some useful courses and professionals, and you might find this link helpful


Take good care of yourself and remember you are not alone.

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