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Restarted masturbation

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Hi friends!


I had being trying to recover alone so I have not money to pay for a professional treatment and also there is not a 12 step program near my city, so I'm doing what I can,  my longest streak was 62 days on hard mode (no sex, orgasm, ejaculation, porn or masturbation) after that time I started to feel very depressed and frustrated, so I decided to give a try to conscious masturbation (masturbation with no porn, fantasies, or any other stimuli, just physical sensations) so in november I had just masturbated two times with conscious masturbation to orgasm) but Im trying to reach 90 days in hard mode again,  but I had a hard time passing from 10 days, basically every 10 days I had masturbated, so its very fine, there is no porn, no false stimuli, just physical sensations, but I'm afraid of a more serious relapse, I found that masturbation is one of my hardest addictions. So what can I do to start abstaining again? Usually I feel fine, but I had just did a masturbation some hour ago and now I'm feeling bad and guilty.


Thank you for your help and time

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Hi I believe  from my husbands sa therapist that some mastubation can be healthy within reason I mean it's when it becomes excessive I guess and from what your saying its a problem for you. There's SAA online meetings for men those are 12 step programmes and free. I've been looking for online meeting as I'm miles from meetings too I'm a partner and they are so difficult to find. Ps don't feel guilty look at what you have achieved on your own. Maybe try some distraction techniques when triggered I'm no expert at all just a thought maybe go for a run Walk the dog read a book. Also if you have a partner be honest then your not going it alone and he or she should understand that your being forthright in your recovery sometimes we go back to go forwards! good luck 

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Kate 2018 Thank you so much for your support, is so valuable for me, I had relapsed some times this past week, with PMO so I'm restarting on Hard Mode again, I'm on my 5° day again, the urges had been so hard and difficult to control, but I feel so well because I'm going again, it is hard but it is achievable,  so I will go again... I do a lot of things to control the urges, also I lost my wife for my addiction so I'm alonte on this with this, I have some friends that are supporting me, but anyway this is a problem I have to win alone, nobody excepts me can do nothing, so I will win my 90 days on sobriety this time.  

I really appreciate your help!


You are a great person, please never leave alone to your husband, give him your support as you are doing, this is the worse addiction I had fought with, recovery is not easy, but is  achievable, so you husband is very, very lucky having you there, what you do is a great action of love and compassion. If any time you want to ask me something or just talk about this, please feel free to contact me, would be a pleasure to talk and share whatever you want to know in order to support your husband...

So let's keep going with this!


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