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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am currently doing my university dissertation for my final year, on sex addiction and online pornography. I'm looking to understand if there is a connection due to the growing industry and commercialization of online porn, and to understand if there is a problem, how are we as a community coming together to solve the issues. Part of my research and better understanding of sexual addiction and those who truly are faced with difficulties daily around this, I need to interview some individuals to ask a few questions and just put emotions to the addiction. I am hoping I may be able to find some people here who I may be able to interview? Things you must know: All of my research is anonymous; your name will not be in ANY part of the dissertation. I am happy to email you the questions if you are not comfortable to Skype/Facetime. I am based in London, UK so those who may be able to meet in somewhere public like a coffee shop, that would be really amazing. If you do not feel comfortable answering any of the questions, please let me know ahead of time. Please let me know if I'm not allowed to post this in the forum, I understand there may be guidelines I'm not aware of as I just signed up. I am not looking to speak negatively of sexual addiction one bit, but to genuinely shed a light on the daily difficulties and actualities that people with this addiction face. I feel strongly that it is an issue that is not talked about enough, and I'm hoping my research and firsthand interviews will help me convey my better understanding to others. Please reply here if you're at all interested, and we can get in touch! Thanks so much, Bailey H.
  2. AddictOnWayToRecovery

    Sex & Porn Addiction - Here to help

    I have come across this forum and I strongly believe it could give real help to anyone who is facing porn/sex addiction. I am a 35 year old male with a beautiful wife and two amazing kids; I have been recovering for 4 months now (cold turkey) and I would love to give something back to people experiencing a similar situation. I went through the usual features of this horrible addiction: watching porn with increased levels of "sexual intensity", looking at escorts, reduced sex drive, masturbation, family problems, the guilt, the shame, the worry of being caught, etc. As already mentioned, I decided to go cold turkey and the psychological battle, especially in the first 4 weeks was immense... I needed all my inner strength and will power to fight this battle, but I never think for one second that I have won the war. It's a long road to changing my life and I am fully aware that I can't afford any slip ups. I don't think my mind will ever be free of the urges, but they certainly are much much weaker and considerably more controllable. Being free of the guilt, shame and worry has changed my life so much... My wife and I are so much happier and I have managed to get my life back. Being on this website and identifying the problem is the first step to recovery. Please feel free to get in touch with me on this forum and I will do my best to help. I wish you the best of luck V
  3. sophie

    6 Day Intensive Recovery Course

    This recovery programme for sex and pornography addiction has been developed specifically for the treatment of addictive and compulsive sexual behaviours. The course is unique in providing practical skills for recovery as well as exploring deeper emotional and psychological needs. It also provides an environment that overcomes the shame, isolation and secrecy that often maintain addiction. By the end of the course, attendees will be able to: Understand the biological and psychological causes of their addictionRecognise and manage triggersEstablish relapse prevention strategies to secure and maintain recoveryIdentify and overcome potential future blocks to recoveryDevelop long term strategies for re-establishing personal integrity and a healthy lifestyle The course is strictly limited to a maximum of 8 men and all attendees are required to sign a confidentiality statement to ensure the group is a safe space for all. The cost includes lunch and refreshments, all treatment materials and a follow up day. If required, a list of local accommodation can be provided on request. The course facilitators are Paula Hall and Nick Turner, both of whom are trained psychotherapists who specialise in the field of sex and pornography addiction.