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  1. Hi, I guess I dont know where to start. My husband and I got together two years ago, he had just begun his divorce proceedings and everything was amazing. His first wife left after she found him in chat rooms, texting women and sending pictures. He said it went no further and to be honest I believe him. The didnt have a sex life and he claims that drove him to act in the manner he did. After a 9 months together we moved in (i left my country to follow him), it was a massive step and everyone thought I was mad, I love him so much but now I think im the fool. Shortly after we moved in together he was away in Africa with work. I was logging on to my email from the pc and found he had another email address which he hadnt logged out of, it was full of notifications from kik and plenty of fish. I obsessed over them for two weeks whilst he was away. I confronted him when he was home and he said it was because he didnt know how we would work out and he didnt want to be alone. We talked things through and I thought we had sorted them out. Roll on a few months and we got engaged. I then discovered that he was messaging one of the girls and also send explicit texts to another (who had been one of the reasons why his first marriage had broke up). Again I confronted him and there was a lot of crying and soul searching but I agreed to stay. I told him he needed help and he agreed he did but he was scared in case his work found out. We got married and everything was perfect until two days ago. I discovered that once again he had messaged a girl and sent her a photo. I feel sick and worthless right now. I dont know what to do or where to turn. He has agreed once again he needs help but this time he has actually made an appointment with a counsellor. Hes seeing her tomorrow. I go from being normal with him to being so so angry to the point I cant even look at him. I dont know what to do, I dont want to give up on my marriage but I dont think I can face this again. Does counselling help? Sorry for the rant, I am just so lost right now.
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