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  1. I totally agree with you that I am responsible for all my actions however as I mentioned in my previous post I want to confront my parents , just with a hope that I am not caught by them while I am in the act or they come across any of my videos, as this would be a really awkward situation for the whole family.
  2. First of all thanks for that detailed answer which helped me a lot ,also thanks for material provided (which kept me busy as i researched almost all the links provided by you and also one link led me to another). I have to admit some of the facts were really an eye opener and I could relate to it. I was introduced to porn by one of my cousin brother who is really "kool" guy and we would watch it along with my other two cousins as we were of same age group. "This is what our prude parents do in their bedrooms and ask us to be chaste" he said one day after he was sharing his experience about how he accidentally walked on his parents. 'Well I believe its OK to do it within marriage' I said. To which my cousin sister said "What makes you think our parents were pure and pious before their marriage " Soon my cousins started dating and I too had a boyfriend . We (cousins and myself) became sexually active around the same time and we never hesitated to share any information as we never felt guilt or shy. Its very surprising that Sex had a different perspective for each of my cousins. Some viewed it as a right he deserved for being in a relationship, while one of my cousin sister saw it as "icing on the cake" after she spent working with her boyfriend who was a good listener . Personally Sex for me is a stress buster and I believe it has helped me a lot during my college days to cope up with studies and work schedule. The only thing common with me and my cousins was that no one had the guts to spill the beans and be bold to reveal to their parents that they were sexually active. I feel that the parents are making fool of themselves and are acting ignorant and refuse to admit that their children could get sexually active. I am sure that even if I ever muster courage to tell my parents that I have had safe consensual sex with many of my boyfriends over the past decade. They will refuse to acknowledge the fact and act Ignorant and try to emotionally blackmail me by saying "What did we do wrong in raising you that you have brought disgrace by doing such things outside marriage?" I just hope that I am not caught by my parents while I am in the act or they come across any of my videos, as this would be a really awkward situation for the whole family.
  3. I grew up in a very religious Catholic household. My parents had seven girls, so they never really felt the need to talk to us about sex , porn and masturbation. They grew up in a time when porn wasn't widely available for young women, so they wrote it off. The church taught us that those types of things were forbidden. I don't know about other churches, but I'm sure that some of them preach the same. Now that I'm older and have been masturbating and watching porn for half of the years of my life, I don't see anything wrong with it. It's always spiced up my sex life with my lovers, it's never made me antisocial, and it's actually taught me how to be one with my body and how to enjoy myself. Although I agree that too much of anything is bad , I've started to wonder if masturbation and porn addiction are just myths made up by religion. (I'm not longer religious)