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  1. My husband wants someone to talk to who has been through porn addiction and been healed...he doesn't think it's possible. He doesn't want to be judged...what are the options? Thank you.
  2. Hi my husband has been a porn addict since before we started going out but he was always trying to deal with it. 10 years on it's still going on when he gets the chance/the urge is too strong/he's down etc. We have filters on the computer, he says he hates doing it, he has some one who checks up on him. But every few months he slips again. To be honest I have buried my head in the sand about it but I'm getting fed up now, and don't want to have to forgive him anymore. Obviously it affects our sex life as well although for a long time I didn't think it was, I just thought he didn't find me attractive. I just want to know if I should be doing something more and whether he can be, to try and properly defeat it if that's what he says he wants to do. Thanks.