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  1. Hi, my husband is a few weeks into recovery from sex addiction. Is acting out has included multiple physical infidelity as well as porn and masturbation. He tells me he is struggling with compulsive thoughts to act out and intrusive thoughts that he cannot control. He had OCD tendencies as a child with performing repetitive activities, etc. is there a place for medication in the recovery from sex addiction? Does anyone on this forum have experience of using medication for sex addiction?
  2. Nomore

    Just discovered my husbands secrets

    Thank you sad lady for your kind words. It really helps. I'm going to see a close friend today who I can confide in. It's so hard carrying on as normal for the sake of the children when in reality I feel like screaming.
  3. Hi, I feel like I am going crazy. I have been with my husband for 13years. I found out a few weeks ago that he has been having an affair 'just for sex' for 3 years. Since our first daughter was born. Also turns out he is addicted to porn and masturbation. Plus there is probably more that he hasn't told me. ive known our marriage hasn't been right for at least 3 years, he's just seemed unengaged and uninterested. We haven't had sex for nearly a year because he said he didn't want to. Despite that he kept complaining about being sexually frustrated and that I wasn't sensual enough or interested in sex. he appears to be full of remorse and says he wants to change but I have no idea how I can trust what he says. Will I just be commiting myself to more hurt? On the other hand we have two young children and he is a good dad. I don't want to ruin their life if there's a chance things can improve. I guess I want some hope. Has anyone else's husband turned things around? Should I risk more hurt for myself and stay with him? How will I see him as a loving husband and father again rather than a sex crazed monster?