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    Hi thanks you so much for taking the time and trouble to reply. I can't face up to telling my wife about this at the moment, but maybe in time. I have worked very hard at keeping myself busy at the times I would normally resort to viewing porn, so far so good. And on day one destroyed all I had. No files or any thing left at all. I have not found this at all easy but taking the first steps has made me feel better about myself. Thank you once again and good luck to your self.
  2. Hi. I have just read about porn and sex addiction and think I need some help in dealing with mine. I am now 50 and have been using porn for the obvious since the age of about 14. Over the year's this has increased to a two or three time a day every day habit. Spending so long on line.trying to satisfy my urge. I have spent a lot of money in the past calling sex lines on cam sites which are very expensive and can be so addictive. I am pleased to say that I managed to stop this with out help before I got married I have been married for 5 years and love my wife, but I would choose to spend hours on line looking at porn and pleasure my self rather than make love to my wife. This makes me feel so bad. My wife always enjoys sex and it is great most of the time but due to my habit has caused my erection to be unreliable at times. this is why i must do somethng about it before i loose her. She doesn't know about my habit but I fear that she will catch me in an embarrassing position one day. I now think it is time for me to quit this all absorbing habit that gives brief satisfaction but such a lot of guilt, before I loose my wife. This has been quite an embarrassing thing for me to write and face up to, and admit. Any advice please
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