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  1. Thank you so much for your support xxx
  2. Seven weeks ago I found out my husband had an issue with sexmassage. It was my intuition that made me search his history of his phone. The day after he told me he is cheating on me for 13 years. Ohh .... I was, and still am, so devastated because we are married for more than 33 years. He did not wanted sex with me, except on holidays, for at least 8 years. He was not connected with me and our children for at least 5 years ... he was drifting away further and further. We have a successful business in which we own each half of the shares. He paid his sexmassage with our money so I paid half of it. He watched porn at least twice afweek and masturbated at least 5 times a week, also next to me in bed at night. Yesterday he had an intake at a addiction clinic (The Netherlands) and he started his therapy straight away. So after 7 weeks, I am still not functioning.. Remembering the moment I confronted him over and over. Cannot listen to music, read a book, look at television or have normal contact with anyone, including our children. I can hardly eat or take care of myself (I have a genetic disease that gave me problems with my brainstorm since a year) and I hurt myself when I lose it. I have an appointment with a professional sex addict counselor in two weeks and I just don’t know how to survive those weeks without getting insane.
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