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  1. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate this may not be a question you can answer but will ask in case you have seen or heard of anything similar. Are you aware of sexual abuse growing up, causing/ contributing an addiction to porn/ sex? many thanks
  2. Thank you, I will look into this and pass on the information
  3. Hello, Very new to all of this and have no one I can physically talk to without them forming an opinion on my boyfriend and never being able to see past that. the short version...we’ve been together nearly 3 years. 1.5 years into the relationship I found out he had slept with someone I already had doubts about. I found out by following my gut and messaging the girl. I challenged him and he admitted it. We chose to try and move on as he said (& it was confirmed by her) that it was right at the beginning of our relationship. moving forward to 2.5 years together and I had another bad gut feeling. In my heart i knew I didn’t fully trust him anymore and had an urge to go through his phone. I saw that he had been messaging other girls but the content of the messages were gone. I challenged him, admitted I had looked through his phone and he eventually admitted to being inappropriate/ crossed the line with these girls (approx 5 of them) but that it had only even been online, never face to face. He tells me he thinks he has an addiction to porn but that he gets a thrill from messaging these girls and then feels like rubbish after. he says he masturbates 3-4 times a day and due to sexual abuse growing up, wonders if he has been over sexualised. I really can’t get my head around if he really does have a porn addiction, wanting to message, or is that just an excuse and him trying to justify betraying my trust, again. any advice would really be appreciated x
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