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  1. Thank you. So hard to understand
  2. Hi, I'm new to this site after coming to the realisation that my husband may have a sex addiction. How do we know for sure? How is it diagnosed? How do I know if he has a genuine addiction or is just wanting to have his cake & eat it? I have been drip fed/discovered things over the course of our marriage. From his sexually messaging his exes, watching porn, finding an escort website on his phone, to discovering he's joined dating websites. I am shocked by it all, but very confused that one of the porn websites was shemale porn & he had joined a transgender dating website. What does this mean? He claims he is not gay or confused, but he said on his 'about me' section that he has a fantasy to go with one, & had messaged one. I'm struggling to understand. I feel repulsive. Claims he has never met up with anyone, but how can I ever trust/believe him again? I feel like my heart has been ripped out.
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