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  1. Dear Iamenough & Ginny this feedback has been super useful! i will check out the 12step group and give it a go As for the bursary, in order to qualify for this what are the specifications? thanks again!
  2. Thank you Ginny for the response! The Laurel work shops really do look amazing, I will look in to this once I have the finances.. if anyone in London sees this and wishes to meet up, I would be super appreciative thanks 😊
  3. These work shops sounds great. Sadly, I do not have the money to afford to join at this time. Can anyone offer any advice on other free/ to little cost support groups in the mean time? I’m kinda desperate... thank u all for your contribution
  4. As time passing I cant help but feel even more alone and isolated in my partners SA. Lockdown / Covid-19, has not helped admittedly. I am based in south London looking to meet up with a female who is also experiencing difficulties in their relationship - compulsive masturbation , porn and so on. Or if anyone can point me in the direction of great groups, anything really (although preferably free), I would be most greatful thank you
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