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  1. i am a married man and have been with my wife for 18 years and we have 3 young children. i became addicted to porn at an early age (15 ish) and I am now 40. The addiction changed from porn to focusing on online chat rooms. My wife found me chatting online a number of year ago and told me that she felt it was like cheating and I should stop. I managed that briefly but fell back into bad habits. Over the years I have carried on chatting online despite my wife wanting me to stop. I didn't realise my wife knew what I was doing but she told me she knew, but just buried it down for the sake of our family. My wife reached the point of no return just before xmas and told me that our relationship is over. I feel so ashamed and disgusted by myself and my behaviour because I have ruined a picture perfect family life and hurt my wife and my children. If anyone can offer advice or thoughts on how to deal with my compulsions I would be so very grateful.