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  1. My husband, for the last 2 years has been addicted to hook up sites (fabswingers, POF, Tinder). I initially went on fab with him, just go try and stop the lies, but it didn't work. He created numerous accounts and started messaging me. He also bullied me in to meeting another man for sex, which I had to film for him. He then started sexting this man, pretending to me a woman. He eventually admitted he had a problem and went to the doc. The referral has taken months and months. I have recently found out that he has been sexting my 17 year old son (who is his stepson) pretending to be a female. There has been initiate pictures of my son been sent. My husband has joined sex addicts anonymous and has attended 2 meetings so far. I want to call the police and report him, but I don't want my son embarrassed. My husband disgusts me, like proper makes my skin crawl. He said that it wasn't a sexual thing towards my son, it just got out of hand. We have a 7 year old daughter together. I'm absolutely lost as to what to do. I have asked for a divorce obviously, but I don't know what to tell people.