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  1. Hi LuLu18, please please please do not blame yourself for your husbands SA!!! They all look for an excuse for there behaviour and you are not anything to do with it!!!! It is a very lonely place for the partner of a SA, not being able to talk to friends and family on not only a delicate subject but one that is not recognised by everyone as an addiction !! plus finding someone you can trust to confide in.I can see you have suffered enormously, but believe me it is time to put you and your daughter first. The hardest part is walking away , but believe me it does get better!! I don't doubt that your husband loves you and your daughter but you have to think how emotionally drained you are and you need to build your strength up for you and your daughter she needs her mum right now too!! if you decide to walk away you will be ok!! you will have your life back!!! I speak of being married to a SA for the past 16 years , i have had depression, self harmed ,panic attacks ,anxiety, and very low self esteem, plus all the stress on top and it has made me so ill. I to had a 13 year old daughter from my first husband at the time of finding out about this husband, and I wish I had left there and then being honest as it was so heartbreaking and emotionally draining for my daughter to watch her mum crumble and become weak ,but I somehow carried on believing that the many therapists he visited and we visited together would help but they didn't . we just spent huge amounts of money to add on to the huge debts that he had incurred with the addiction. it never got better it got worse. I am now only just free of it all and have a long way to go to rebuild my life and yes it is heartbreaking but there is light at the end of the tunnel...............ADDICTION is a selfish disease and it shatters lives . good luck with your partners course I hope it helps you.