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    How to make a decision

    Hi! I'm the wife of a porn addict. Since the day we got married 4 years ago, sex went less and less present. The second year into our marriage he proposed couple theraphy. I did my best but nothing would improve. We stayed in therapy for one year and closed 'successfully' even if I knew there was no connection nor reestablished sex. After another few months he ammitted to be porn addicted since teenage. I knew something didn't feel right but had no idea. He went to therapy on his own. I don't have any update since, communication is zero, sex and any physical contact is zero. I tried to dig myself into my work and see if he sorted himself out in the meantime. Now I've lost my job and with more time available I realised that I should have faced this issue instead of hiding . It s been almost 2 years since his realisation. I'm looking for support but I don't want to go back to Relate since we had couple theraphy there and that only increased my low self esteem making me think I was the problem. I feel I need to make a decision but I can't see clearly what to do next. I believe there are many partners affected by this, and maybe a support group or can you suggest where else to find counselling and what are the steps to go back to sanity? Thank you!