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  1. Nick


    You’ve given me more problems than help,looking at all the posts you comment on I’m just wondering if your a councillor,or just someone with a massive amount of knowledge
  2. I’m not addicted to porn but texting other women and wanting her to have a male male threesome,how do I convince my girlfriend I have a real problem and not just finish with me as she has,I’m desperate
  3. Nick


    i have the urge to get my girlfriend to take part in a threesome,2 men and her,ive done this in almost every relationship I’ve ever had,my girlfriend has now finished with me because she thinks it’s weird and totally wrong that I would want to watch her being fucked by other men,I also have a bad habit of texting other women even though I don’t want them in the slightest,I love my girlfriend and her kids with all my heart but she now finished with me and it’s made me realise I neeed help if I want to try and win her back.