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    I need help

    Where to start.... I'm 57 and my addiction to porn and chat sites has cost me my relationship. It started about 20 years ago and what started as a bit of titillation has reached sickening proportions. The porn and chat I seek out has become more and more extreme and no subject is taboo. I kept it all a secret and spend hours every day feeding this pathetic addiction. Things got even worse when I was made redundant at Christmas and I would panic if I left my phone at home when I went out. The inevitable has now happened and my partner has discovered my perverted secret. As a result we are splitting up with threats that I won't be able to see my 10 year old son because of the risk that he will be exposed to pornography. I'm now at rock bottom and don't know where to turn. No job, no family and no one to talk to about this