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    11 years of addiction, need change

    Thanks for the advice guys! You're spot on Joshua, I always thought it was just getting off but then couldn't stop when I wanted to. Its been nearly 2 weeks since i made this post. After doing so I felt really positive and tried one more time to see if I can do it myself. After 6 days I failed and to me that was the worst I have felt about it ever. The next day I looked online for 12 step support groups near me and attended one tonight for the first time. It was interesting and it was eye opening to hear other people talk about what they have been going through and I was suprised at how relatable their stories were. I now have people I can talk to when I feel like im struggling and to anyone reading this who like me had no idea what to do, I urge you to look for help because its there you just have to find it. I know its very early doors but from what I've heard about the 12 step program I'm very optimistic about sorting the issue. I'll try and post on here with my progress.
  2. I have been addicted to porn since I was 12 years old. Im 23 now and I dont feel like I can be happy with myself until I stop. Up until I was 20 it never really bothered me as I wasn't in an intimate relationship until then. Since discovering it, for the majority of the time I've visited it either daily or every other day and masturbated. The categories have changed over the years gradually getting more extreme one way or another. Since meeting my current girlfriend of 3 years I'd say it definitely has had an effect on my sex life in a very negative way. If I have masturbated in the same day and try and have sex later on I struggle to keep an erection or I struggle to climax. Last year I decided to try and get on top of it by gradually stopping. I used an app to track how often I did it and gradually tried to increase the gap in between. This worked a little bit but I kept relapsing so after a few months I was no further forward. It has changed my behavior in a very negative way and has recently led to some forms of voyeurism and I'm worried its going to escalate to points where I could get into trouble I dont really know what to do to help fix this problem.