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    First time poster, Been with the love of my life for 3 yrs now, and living together 9months, just before we moved in I found a picture of a girl we both know in her bikini on his computer, he told me he was booking her for a gig (she is a dancer) for a motorbike club he is in, last night I finally got told he was using the picture for masturbation. He was supposed to come with me to a hospital apt about 4 months ago and said he had fallen asleep, I checked the internet history and discovered he had been on porn sites for 4hours instead. Had no idea of the level of porn addiction until then. He works nights and after checking and discovering this is an ongoing thing and confronting him about it,he locked me out of his computer, he rarely comes near me now, says I am a pervert and always looking sex, am so hurt that he would rather look at other women than be intimate with me, now i find he has been using viagra, who for? certainly not me and he doesnt need it as far as i know. Last night i went to bed and after he didnt follow me i went back into living room and discovered him watching porn. I feel ugly, betrayed and cannot believe anything he tells me now after he admitted about the girl on the laptop he had made me feel like i was paranoid and insecure, yes i am insecure but he has made me feel this way. Any advice?