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  1. Fighting4recovery

    Recovery support

    Hey! Great! We need each other to beat this demon! I will send you a message and let's talk! In recovery
  2. Fighting4recovery

    I can't stop paying for sex, getting ridiculous

    Hey Yiksob11, How you doing pal? How is recovery going for you?
  3. Fighting4recovery

    Recovery support

    I just wanted to thank Paula Hall and her wonderful associates for creating this safe place for fellow addicts to come together to share their fears and hopes. As someone who came into recovery nearly two years ago with the support of one of the associates I am beginning to see light at the end of tunnel. Reading the stories and personal accounts on the forum is a blessing. It is a reminder where I can be if I abandon recovery or slip. If any guys want to talk recovery and be accountability partners get in touch. Drop me a message?