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  1. Westmids1

    Recovery support

    Hey, I would really appreciate your support. I dont think i can do this alone. Thank you
  2. I am 25 years old, married with 2 children. I also have another person looming in my relationship..... Porn. I have watched porn since the age of around 13 and for many years just deemed it as "normal" and "lad" type behaviour. It wasn't until I realised around 3 years ago that I was watching porn daily and at any chance I could get. Since this revelation, it has spiralled out of control which is jeopardising my mental health and relationship. I constantly feel guilty, ashamed and depressed. This is causing constant tension on my marriage and my ability to be a father. I have tried a million if different routes to get off porn (hypnotherapy, self help books, counselling) but none of them have worked. A common theme I have noticed but never tried his having a someone to support you who Is going through the same addiction. Its a massive ask, but anyone out there who is willing to support me, and in return I support them, through this addiction? I am a desperate man living everyday with a porn demon on my shoulder.
  3. Westmids1

    Need to stop

    Hiya Pal, I'm in the same situation as yourself. Husband and father who leads a double life. I have my home life then I have this life which I feel consumed by porn and unable to break away. I have been seeking help for years and nothing has yet worked. When looking at a lot of guides they recommend finding support. I know how your feeling and I know that you want/need to stop for your own sanity. I become extremely depressed these days when watching porn. Should we support each other? Cheers