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    How do I get through this?

    Thanks for your response PJ. Yes, he has left. He has his head in the sand. He’s staying with a work colleague and seems completely unaware of the damage he has caused to us all. There is no going back for me now, I just need to ensure security for my children. I have struggled finding any support so would be grateful if you could give me some pointers?
  2. In despair

    How do I get through this?

    Also, His parents were told. They never even spoke to him about it. It seems like no one but me told him how wrong he was or showed him what he was losing. He didn’t speak to anyone about this, has had no advice. I fear that this will be a downward spiral for him.
  3. In despair

    How do I get through this?

    Hi PJ, Thanks for your response. He has decided to leave us, his decision. He came to the decision yesterday morning and told the children in the afternoon. They are devastated, as am I. It feels like he’s rushed the decision, Like he told the children quickly so that there was no going back. I have realised that he’s been emotionally abusing me for years, all my suspicions were correct, yet he didn’t just deny them but made me feel like I was going mad. I can’t see a way through this now, he still denies it’s an addiction and I feel like he’s just burying his head in the sand. He’s now lost everything as I can’t possibly go back on this after he so flippantly came to the decision to crash down our children’s world. I was prepared to try, even knowing it could fail but he couldn’t even do that. I can’t help the feeling that there must be something wrong with me, I know you will say, it’s all him but he’s always known what he could lose.
  4. In despair

    How do I get through this?

    Hi All, I desperately need help and advice. I have recently found out my husband has a sex addiction. He is in complete denial...At first he had the attitude that he would do what it takes to save our relationship, he still loves me, finds me attractive, we have a wonderful family together. He is working away and has now said he can’t see a way through this, he thinks it would be better for us to separate. I can see that he is ashamed and it is tearing him apart. He is sending me mixed signals all the time. Do we have any hope? Are the mixed messages due to him battling his own demons or do I accept that he means it? I want to make this work more than anything but how much more can I take? Any advice would be grateful, I just feel so confused and desperate!