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  1. I am writing about my son who is experiencing great difficulties.  He was due to get married but his fiancee ended the relationship once it emerged he was viewing iInternet pornography and associsted chat sites.  It is unlikely that the relationship will ever be restored.


    He has been attending meetings with SLLA, but has fallen out with his mentor.  He feels he is being manipulated into joining religous groups he does not subscribe to.  He has a CgT counsellor, but wonders if he is taking the right approach to the problem of his addiction.


    I should be very grateful if you could give me the hame of any person or organisation that might be able to help him.  Both my Husband and myself have tried as much as possible to comforthim, sustain him. and offer asadvice as far as this is possible, but often this leads to rows and altercations.


    I would be very grateful for your advice as to how best to respond to his needs for although we are not officially @partners, as his parents we are almost at our witts ends as to what to do