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    Thanks Anon, its good to hear that there can be light at the end of the tunnel and its not just an express train coming straight for me! You are so right about the good advice to 'take care of yourself' and I am trying to do that. We've been together 39 years and married for 36. I discovered his 'addiction' at the beginning of December tho I know that he has been sexting a colleague before and watched porn. I thought it had been going on for about 14 years off and on. When he got found out this time I believe he thought that he could carry on after placating me for a few weeks. He soon knew I was serious about divorce and then started taking HIS problem seriously. I'm not sure that monthly counselling sessions are quite enough though. When I asked him how long the porn thing had been going on for I was shocked when he said for most of our marriage! At the moment I'm hanging in there. Still couldn't tell you if I'll be here this time next year or not. One day at a time!