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Professional Referrals

We work alongside a wide range of professional referrers, from psychiatrists, GP’s, psychotherapists and counsellors in private practice, Relate Centres, Addiction Treatment Plan (ATP) professionals in rehabs and other voluntary and statutory agencies.   

Our goal is to supplement the services our referrers provide – not replace them. 

For health professionals and therapists who do not specialise in sex addiction, we can provide the recovery tools required to ensure your client or patient can control their addiction, leaving you free to focus on underlying issues.

For therapists who specialise in sex addiction, our group work programmes are highly effective at breaking through shame and denial, kick starting recovery and providing a long term support network. This allows the individual therapist space to address the causes and consequences of addiction as well as managing relapse prevention.  For couple counsellors, our recovery course for the addict and support programme for partners allows you to focus on relationship issues.   

We can also provide individual aftercare support for those leaving rehab, individual partner support, relationship counselling and psychosexual therapy.  Many of the members of our team are also specialists in working with people with sex addiction who have offended. 

If you would like to make a referral, then please do contact us to discuss your client’s needs, in confidence. If your client chooses to work with us, we will undertake a full assessment to ensure our services are suitable and liaise with you over any concerns that you may have. When a client or patient attends one of our group work programmes, we will always encourage them to return to their original therapeutic and/or medical referrer and provide a progress report if required.


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