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Public Speaking Engagements

Paula Hall is regularly asked to speak at local, national and international conferences and events about sex and pornography addiction. She has spoken at The International Sex Addiction Conference, (New York 2013), BACP Regional Conference, (Glasgow  2012), ATVOD For Adults Only (London 2013), ATSAC Annual Conference (London 2013). Society for Existential Therapists Annual Conference (London 2012)

Previous speaking engagements:

  • London Institute of Psychotherapy, June 2016
  • The ‘P’ Word Conference, June 2016
  • UKESAD, London, May 2016
  • Edinburgh Science Festival, April 2016
  • TEDx Leamington Spa, November 2015
  • UKESAD – London, May 2015
  • ESSM (European Society of Sexual Medicine) Annual Conference – Copenhagen, February 2015
  • UKCP Anual Conference – London, November 2014
  • Addictions & Recovery – Edinburgh, April 2014
  • Durham University Hartop Lecture – Durham, May 2014
  • UKESAD – London, May 2014
  • PIPs – Manchester, May 2014

Porn Addiction & Erectile

PIED – Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction.  It’s a new term that has recently made headline news, but a condition that

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