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Here you will find all the links to previous commentary found within local and national press, including radio and television interviews.



‘The strange case of Anthony Weiner: is sex addiction real?’ – Spectator Health, 5th September 2016

Porn is ruining our love lives and making old men of our teenagers’ – The Telegraph, 15th August 2016

‘How viewing Porn damages the sex lives of young men’ – The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4, 15th August 2016

‘How internet porn affects your romantic life’ – Independent, 10th July 2016

‘Half of children have viewed porn online’ – Sky News, 15th June 2016

‘My sex addiction tires my boyfriend out – and it’s ruined my career’ – The Mirror, 17th April 2016

Sex addiction: A compulsion that hurts partners in a way no other addiction can – The Independent, 18th October 2015

‘Extremism & Dating Sites’ – BBC Radio London, Vanessa Feltz, 21st July 2015

‘I sexualise every man I set my eyes on’The Sunday Times, 6th Jun 2015

‘My addiction to porn and escorts cost me thousands’ – The Telegraph, 6th Mar 2015

The Guardian, Agony Aunt Philippa Perry, 6th March 2015

Weekend Women’s Hour: Listener Week – BBC Radio 4, 29th November 2014

 Why teenagers’ obsession with porn is creating a generation of 20 year old virgins  – The Telegraph, 20th Aug 2014

Scientists probe ‘sex addict‘ brainsBBC News, 11th Jul 2014

 Medic: there’s no such thing as porn addictionThe Independent, 13th Feb 2014

 The anatomy of a marriage – The Telegraph, 5th Dec 2013

Addicted to porn – ITV’s This Morning, 2nd October 2013

Online porn boom: Liberating minds or damaging brains?BBC News, 14th Aug 2013

Is female Viagra a pill to thrill – or just a new headache for weary Daily Mail, 27th May 2013

Couples in second marriages are ‘less likely to get divorced Daily Mail, 28th Apr 2013

Why I’ve forgiven my husband’s emotional affair: Late-night texts Daily Mail, 12th Feb 2013

How to stay together: Write a report about the rows you have three Daily Mail, 6th Feb 2013

Why do women stop wanting sex? Nearly HALF of all women will Daily Mail, 26th Dec 2012

 Sex addiction: Online pornography and poor sex education is to Daily Mail11th Dec 2012

Sex addiction: The truth about a modern phenomenonThe Independent, 1st Dec 2012

A sex addict’s cold turkeyBBC News, 10th Jan 2012

Coping with sex addiction – The Telegraph, 6th Jan 2012

Life inside a sex addiction clinic in the UKBBC News4 Apr 2010

Does sex addiction exist?BBC News, 1st May 2008

How does recovery from addicti

In our previous blog, we took a look at the Christian idea of being ‘created to crave’. But what exactly

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