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Our Responsibility To Protect Children From Porn

A new consultation document has recently been released by the UK Government entitled ‘Child Safety Online - Age Verification for Pornography.  The paper outlines the fact that whilst we as a society have measures in place to protect children from...
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Nothing Like An Affair

Sex addiction devastates partners in a way that most people simply can’t comprehend.  During a training session to therapists today, an experienced counsellor said “but isn’t it just like an affair?”  The answer is simple - no. Discovering your partner...
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Is sex addiction the same as a high sex drive?

This is a common question asked by people struggling with sex addiction, their partners and many therapists and health professionals. And the short answer is ‘no’.  Although there has been no published research on the subject, clinical experience shows that...
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Young People and Porn

A report was released by IPPR which surveyed 500 young people about their views of pornography.  The results made a lot of the headlines in national press and triggered a debate on the Chanel 4 news.  But there was one...
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The Stigma of Sex Addiction

One of the biggest blocks to getting help for sex addiction is the fear of what others will think and how you'll be judged.  Some may think that this can be a particular challenge for people who are in the...
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Porn Addiction & Erectile

PIED – Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction.  It’s a new term that has recently made headline news, but a condition that

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