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How does recovery from addiction resemble the Christian conversion experience?

In our previous blog, we took a look at the Christian idea of being ‘created to crave’. But what exactly is craving and what do we mean when we say we are addicted? Addiction is not just a casual fancy....
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Is sex addiction a soul disease? (A Christian perspective)

If you are someone who believes in God then it is likely that you have asked yourself the question, why did God create us? Are we meant to worship Him, obey and serve Him? Most Christians would agree that yes,...
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‘My partner is a sex addict – Should I stay or should I go?’

Finding out your partner has sex addiction can be a painful and devastating revelation. There will be a million questions bouncing around your mind and you’ll be feeling a world of emotions. The question we’re going to take a brief...
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The problem with sex addiction and celebrity: Part Two

In part one we took a look at the differences between the portrayal of drug and alcohol addiction compared with sex addiction. We also discovered that there seems to be a lack of sympathy for celebrities struggling with sex addiction....
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The problem with sex addiction and celebrity: Part One

When sex addiction appears in the headlines it is usually attached to some celebrity figure in the form of juicy gossip. We rarely see thorough investigative articles done by professionals who take the condition seriously. The term ‘sex addiction’ is...
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“It’s not my fault. I’m a sex addict!” Is sex addiction real or just an excuse?

The idea of sex addiction as a legitimate condition has been controversial since day one. Despite ever-growing evidence to support the idea, many people are still sceptical and hesitant to embrace it as a real condition. There are a number...
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How healthy core beliefs affect recovery

All of us will have core beliefs wired into our brains stemming from either our childhoods or how society has shaped us over the years. And in order to get into recovery it’s essential to identify them and reveal any...
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Why sex addiction hurts partners so much: Common assumptions and misunderstandings

There are many common assumptions and misunderstandings surrounding sex addiction which can have damaging and hurtful effects on the partners of those suffering with it. They may come from well-meaning friends, untrained therapists or even from the partners themselves. Here...
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How does sex addiction start? Part 3

Now we have taken a look at how sex addiction starts in terms of opportunity-induced addiction and trauma-induced addiction. In this final part, I will explain how attachment issues also contribute towards sex addiction. Whatever may happen to a person...
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How does sex addiction start? Part 2

Last week we took a look at why sex addiction may start and how opportunity plays an important role in this development. This week we will explore how trauma also contributes to addiction. There are many different types of trauma...
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How does recovery from addicti

In our previous blog, we took a look at the Christian idea of being ‘created to crave’. But what exactly

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