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Sex addiction

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I have very beautiful girlfriend who I love from bottom of  my heart but I had sex with prostitutes b/c of my sex addiction pls somebody help get ride of this problem



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I would want to know whether this woman gave her permission for you to post a photo of her.

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I am very early into my journey.  29 days since my world crumbled and I hit rock bottom.

Thank you for sharing.  I bet it feels better to have said that out loud doesn't it?  

Next, I only speak for me but I bet a huge number of others can also say - "Snap.  Been there.  Done it too".  You know what, that will make you feel slightly less isolated too.

You've made a great first step to admit things.  It will take a bit of will power, but things you can do straight away - get rid of any sex worker telephone numbers you have; delete any online accounts you might have where you can arrange a hook up.  They all help.

I've only been to 2 Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings (3rd is tomorrow evening), but seriously think about having a go.  The first time attending is really nerve racking, really strange.  You're thinking that all these other people there must be freaks, weirdos, or that they couldn't possibly have done anything as horrible as you have.  But again, they really are in exactly the same boat.  The first time I muttered anything out loud at my 2nd meeting was wonderful, and the people were really open and talkative to me afterwards.

Well done for coming here to share.  Others will hopefully chip in too.  You can do it!!

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