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    Not sure if I have a problem or not...
    Hi everyone, have just stumbled across this forum whilst trying to find answers online. 
    I'm not sure if I have a problem or not. I am a 32 year old female, mother of two. I live with my partner and I am going through a divorce (I was married for 10 years). My soon to be ex husband didn't have a high sex drive, at the start it was okay but it petered out and became a big issue between us. I felt rejected/unwanted/unattractive and my self esteem and confidence hit an all time low. He ended up having an affair, despite me wanting to have sex clearly I wasn't the one he wanted to be doing it with! Anyway, I kicked him out and shortly after met my new partner. 
    He and I have been together for nearly 2 years and have recently moved in together. The trouble is, I want to have sex every night. I really enjoy having sex with him, at the beginning of our relationship we were at it all the time. I know it's natural for it to slow down, but now whenever he turns me down (citing his age/tiredness etc - he does have a hard stressful job) I feel rejected again and it really upsets me. I look forward to us going to bed because I want to have sex with him, it's on my mind a lot of the day and when we don't have the children (we each have children) it's all I really want to do. 
    I dread 'that' time of the month because I have to go a week without it. 
    Does anyone have any advice? Do I have a problem? If so, who is best to speak to? Thank you and good luck to everyone else x 
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