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    Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
    Hi all, just came across this site and thought I would post . 
    Gay guy here, not that it really matters because addiction does not discriminate , all it does is create a trail of  chaos , trauma and dispair. Although my partners addiction is not new, his thing is sex chat lines.  I try to be compassionate, but find it hard to be all hearts and rainbows as he certainly shows none of that me.
    The rage, and  anger I feel is sometimes scary , which has often reached boiling point we we are physically attacking each other , but the loneliness and isolation is unbareable . I try to explore ways to get out , but I can never manage to find the courage , plus financially this is not an option and ultimately we share a strong bond , and love each other uncondionally . 
    I have always excepted it , and tried to be patient , and enabled him to use the phone for sex , accepting he needs to do this , then this leaves me feeling guilty and I ask myself have I made this worse. But the debts are just silly, 2 phone contracts in my name, both now with debt collectors to the sum of about £3000, plus several BT accounts that have been disconnection , credit cards bills, I could go on and on . However even the debts racking up don't seem bother him . With a combined debt management plan of £26,000 ( not all addiction ) Just this week alone, he has topped up the pay as you to the sum of £80, plus £140 on premium numbers . The usuall response is if we had sex more he would not need to do it , so guess it's all my fault .  ( I have a very low sex drive)
    I have been looking for any support groups , or 1-1 help , for myself , but unless one is in a great financial position to pay for private therapy , there is no light , just further darkness. 
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