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    Porn addiction

    good evening all. well I would like to put on here to see if anyone could help me. I started watching online porn when I was probably about 16 I'm now 32. I'm currently married but going through a divorce at the moment because I watched porn rather than having sex with my wife. I did this a lot of times and every time she found out I said no I haven't watched it or anything as I was embarrassed. I just need some help on how to stop watching porn. I also find it hard and embarrassing to talk about sensitive stuff when we have a discussion about things I find it hard to talk and tell her how I feel, my communication has always been really bad. I always have been in the past but I'm not very affectionate I don't know if that's anything to do with my parents as they were never affectionate towards each other and I always thought that was the way. Like I say I love my wife very much and I want to stop this divorce going through. I'm also moving out of the home and moving in with other people to sort out to see what we want. I just need help on stopping watching porn and be more affectionate and able to communicate easily with the sensitive stuff with my wife