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Every treatment program is evaluated to ensure that it works and they are constantly updated in line with new research and treatment approaches. Below are what people have said about their experience on the course and results from the evaluations.

Having tried one-to-one therapy on a number of occasions without long term success I found out about Paula's group therapy and decided to set aside my initial reservations about discussing my problem with others. This undoubtedly proved to be one of the best decisions of my life and the cohesiveness of our group has provided invaluable support to me in my recovery, which as I write, is in its sixteenth month. Group therapy allows you to contribute to, and benefit from, a valuable long term support network of people who truly understand the nature of sex addiction.

The residential – massive amount of information. Painful process. Exhausting. Extremely enlightening and refreshing.

The course has enabled me to better understand the causes and nature of my addiction, and in so doing, enabled me to forgive myself for many of the things I have done. This is enabling me to move forward with an optimism I could not have imagined before.

I have found the course extremely informative and helpful, at a time when I had no control over my addiction this course has re-focussed my mindset and put me on to a safe, long road to recovery.

The residential was a life affirming, life changing experience that started with 6 disparate, scared, lonely blokes who all underwent a journey of self discovery and ended with 6 comrades so much better equipped to deal with the challenges of life and addiction.

The group really gave me some hope just as my life was falling apart when my wife discovered the truth about my sexually compulsive behaviour. Being able to talk with others in a safe and non judgemental environment was the first step to addiction recovery and a new outlook on life. From what we learned on the programme I started to be able to make some sense of my crazy lifestyle and to work with others on the group on practical strategies for healthy living. Working with the group also enabled me to demonstrate to my wife and others close to me that I was serious about recovery. Ongoing mutual support between those I met on the programme builds confidence and helps to ensure that I stay committed to the promises I have made to myself and those I hold dear to live a life with nothing to hide.

Group work for me provided one of the key elements necessary for recovery. It does this by deepening understanding of the addiction cycle, providing a broad overview of the underlying psychological issues that feed unhealthy sexual desires, giving specific strategies for long term sobriety and teaching life skills that many addicts have failed to gain in the formative teenage years.  It also importantly addresses problems concerning shame, guilt and isolation by encouraging relationships to develop over time with other members of the group-many of which have surprisingly been through exactly the same disastrous consequences of this addiction. Many months after i completed the course, i find that i am constantly practising the techniques that i learnt. Paula's insight, wisdom, dedication and enthusiasm is invaluable. For me, completing a course is not just recommended, it is necessary for preventing relapse and for leading a healthy and productive life full of rewarding relationships once again.

The only real treatment of sex addiction I have come across and the only thing I know that really works. I would like to have done more sharing and had more time to tell my story.

The course has helped me understand the reasons, motivations and behaviour that underlie the pursuit of a secret life. With this understanding comes choice, conviction, self esteem and the strength to make a different life. I would recommend this course for anyone dealing with depression motivated behavioural addiction.

Having gained an understanding of my sexual behaviour I am much stronger in controlling my previous ‘acting out’ and also I have gained knowledge of recovery in relationships.

Although being on this course hasn’t saved my marriage, it without question saved me

I was very worried about engaging in the group work, discussing things that I had never told anyone before, but within a few sessions I was comfortable with speaking. The biggest breakthrough for myself was the weekend where I could finally let go of the demons within a safe environment.

The residential course has been excellent, but in a week it is a lot to take in. The insight has been amazing and it has really changed my life.

The residential was very profound, moving, helpful, inspiring, humbling, thought provoking, hilarious at times, terribly saddening at others, strengthening, instructive.
Thank You.

This Course has helped me understand the reasons, motivations and behaviour that underlie the pursuit of a secret life with this understanding comes choice, conviction, self esteem and the strength to make a different life

After 7 years of trying to over come my sex addiction and failing I turned to group therapy, even though it was daunting for the first few weeks these sessions opened my mind and allowed me to value the important things in this world my wife, children and quality of life. The group sessions make you realise you are not the only one with this addiction and provide a support network which is not available on a one to one basis. Things are going well for me, thank you.

The Hall Recovery Course has complemented my 12 Step group really effectively and has provided me with another perspective.

I am so grateful for the course. I understand so much now. I now have the knowledge and power to change my future. It is still a long road, but I have been empowered to beat this. I will use the practises that have been taught. Thank you so much – you’ve saved my life.

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