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Meet the Team

Paula | Registered MBACP (Accred), UKCP Reg, COSRT Acc, ATSAC

Paula has been a therapist for over 20 years and has been specialising in sex and pornography addiction for nearly 15 years. She is author of ‘Understanding & Treating Sex Addiction’ and ‘Sex Addiction – The Partners Perspective. Paula is widely recognised as the UK’s leading expert in the field of sex and porn addiction and frequently speaks in the media as well as to other professionals. She is founder of The Institute for Sex Addiction Training who provide Diploma training to other therapists, is one of the founder trustees of ATSAC (Association for the Treatment of Sex Addiction & Compulsivity) and recently became Head of Recovery for The Naked Truth Project here in the UK. As a member of SASH (Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health) and former board member, Paula continues to develop her expertise alongside advancements in research and treatment from the US.

Nick | Registered MBACP, UKCP Reg, COSRT Acc, ATSAC

Nick originally trained as a relationship counsellor and sex therapist over 25 years ago, later specialising in the field of sex addiction. In addition to counselling, Nick has been a clinical supervisor of relationship counsellors and was for many years a member of Relate’s practitioner training team, becoming in 2006 the first Director of the Relate Institute. Now employing his extensive clinical experience solely in private practice, Nick more recently helped establish the Institute for Sex Addiction Training delivering accredited training in sex addiction to other therapists and addiction specialists both overseas and within the UK.

Anita | Registered MBACP, ATSAC, FDAP Acc

Anita’s work as a counsellor focusses on addiction. She has gained much of her experience for group, personal and family therapy through the Priory and private practice. Her experience encompasses all varieties of addiction and obsessive behaviour, including substance and behavioural addictions, eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders. She practices an integrative approach that allows her to work creatively and mindfully with her clients, drawing on a capacity for empathy and compassion and an understanding of the underlying causes of many of these debilitating conditions. Prior to training as a counsellor, Anita worked as a national newspaper and magazine journalist.

Christine | Registered MBACP, ATSAC

Christine has worked in a range of Social Care and Health settings, with adults and young people, for 30 years. She has a portfolio which shows an aptitude for therapeutic engagement and believes in supporting people to move on and be in a place of recovery and hope. Nearly all of the portfolio has focused on working in the field of addiction.  Over the years her professionalism has increased to include; project management, management of staff and the day to day delivery of the service needs, whilst meeting the requirements of clients and commissioners, but her real joy is engaging therapeutically with individuals who are impacted by addiction.  


Doug has been a therapist for over 20 years. Originally working within a busy NHS Sexual Health Service as a team lead with hard to reach groups and then as a psychosexual therapist. He trained as a humanistic /integrative relationship counsellor and sex therapist, later in forensic sexology and more recently in sexual addiction. Doug has a background in the charity sector as a trustee of a local counselling service with responsibility for development and training. He has a non judgmental attitude, which helps clients focus on current difficulties whilst tracing the root cause and moving to a positive resolution. Doug relaxes by spending time with his partner; going to the theatre and baking.


Gabriel | ATSAC, FDAP

Gabriel has a background of working in the field of addiction, with clinical experience of working with chemical addictions in both the charity sector and in private practice. Gabriel has in-depth training in Integrative Psychotherapy in addition to training for working with sex addiction.  Gabriel’s style places the relationship at the centre of the work, whilst supporting and facilitating change, growth and long term recovery.  Before working as a Therapist Gabriel worked in the recording industry for record companies organising recording albums, booking recording studios and session musicians and booking hire equipment, later becoming a talent scout.

Geraldine | Registered MBACP, COSRT, ATSAC

Geraldine has over 20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist. She has worked with couples and individuals in the charity sector and private practice since 1998.  Geraldine originally trained in psychodynamic counselling, followed by training in couples counselling and then psychosexual and relationship therapy. Having previously worked with Relate, she has experience of working with couples in crisis. She demonstrates a compassionate yet practical style of working to help create better intimacy and satisfaction in relationships. She now works extensively with sex addiction and partners. Prior to entering the therapeutic world, Geraldine worked in HR in a number of industries and still carries out some leadership coaching from time to time.

Ian | Registered MBACP, COSRT, ATSAC, NOTA

Ian’s experience gained as a psychosexual therapist, led him to work within the field of Sex Addiction Therapy. Ian also undertakes work at the University of Sheffield where he gained experience working with adults and young adults (18-25). Ian’s has also worked with young adults in the voluntary sector with South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association; running recovery groups for the universities, as well as a student support drop in service. Ian’s style of practice believes in the relational dynamics to improve trust, intimacy and satisfaction in relationships and life. Prior to qualifying as a psychotherapist, Ian ran expeditions in Patagonia training young adults and adults in survival and wilderness first aid.

Justin | Registered MBACP, ATSAC

Justin is a qualified relationship therapist and holds specialisms in both Sex Addiction and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Justin has a background in the charity sector where he was the Operational Lead of a Therapy Service.   Justin has a warm and friendly approach to therapy, he has the ability to put people at ease and is confident in the potential that clients have within themselves to achieve active and ongoing recovery. Having previously served as Pastor for Pastoral Care within a large church, he has developed a great ability to demonstrate empathy and provide clear aid plans for those in his care.

Karen | Registered MBACP, COSRT Acc, ATSAC, BSSM

Karen is a highly experienced and insightful qualified relationship counsellor who works with couples and individual clients. She has an integrative approach to help client work through several stages of recovery enabling a healthy lifestyle free from sexual compulsive behaviours. Karen is also a qualified Accredited Psychosexual Therapist who helps clients work through any psychological issues preventing them having a happy sex life. As well as working on a one to one basis Karen also co facilities The Partner Intensive and The Hall Recovery Course.

Viv | Registered MBACP, UKCP Reg, COSRT Acc, ATSAC, CSRP

Viv has been working as a sex and relationship therapist for more than 20 years, she also specialises in sex addiction therapy and working with couples in recovery. Viv has knowledge and practise of an extensive range of therapy methods and techniques to provide the most suitable service for a client’s needs. Viv’s professional, confidential manner coupled with her non-judgmental approach to therapy and to identifying issues that are a concern contributes to helping her clients work towards a positive outcome. Before training to be a couples counsellor with Relate in 1992, Viv had worked for the BBC and freelance as a Make Up Artist. Outside the therapy room Viv is about to start a course in Botanical Painting and has studied Calligraphy. She goes to the gym regularly and is a keen walker, a good balance for sitting in a therapy room!

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